This was my day

I attempted to tweet bits of the day today, but each time I started, something came up and the moment escaped. I was kind of bummed and trying to figure out a way to summarize the silliness of today in 140 characters or less then thought, why not just write a blog post? So, this was my day

I tried to get out of it. I wasn't really in the mood to chase them around the mosquito infested yard with my camera, but Bobby hadn't been able to convince Kira to be photographer and after begging all day yesterday, he'd finally convinced Lena and Claire to take part in his Zombie Apocalypse series. I couldn't let the momentum he'd built fizzle because I was too lazy to help out, so I slipped on my sandals and followed him out the door.

The footage is shaky, the lines in each scene are few, vague, and unrehearsed. Most scenes are ad-libbed and I'm not sure anyone who wasn't there during filming will have any clue what is supposed to be going on, but I could be wrong. What I didn't get on film, and maybe I should have, were the giggles, the discussions about what should happen next, and the critiques of who did what wrong.

When we walked back into the house for the attic shots we were laughing and talking about the next scene, that's all it took to get Kira roped into the fun. She took over filming and directing, I took my cue and stepped back gratefully. They worked out the details for the next few scenes and Claire and Kira turned Bobby into the initial zombie who turns innocent little Claire (yes Claire who only a week or two ago couldn't stand the sight of zombie makeup online) into a monster at the end of episode one. I watched the rest from the kitchen, where I've been trying to turn a sad space into somewhere I'll enjoy spending hours a day, happy to see them working together, laughing, arguing, making. And happy to have some time to organize the pots and pans in peace.

I made lunch, they ate it in bits as they went in and out grabbing this or that to add to the zombie costume. They took pictures and showed me and I cringed, I don't love the zombie theme.

It's been a while since they worked on a film together. I'm not sure why their film making is so special to me. Why I encourage it more than some of their other making. Maybe because it includes much of their other making at some point, make believe, costume creating, makeup, writing, sketching, computer edits and effects. Maybe it's because it's one of the few things that all 4 of them, and anyone else willing, do together. Maybe it's because movies are something that, despite my efforts, have become a favorite past time for all of them and making something you love to consume makes it even more special. Maybe it's just because making movies is cool and fun and I love the idea of having a library of their films to look back through.

They've settled in for their evening routine of watching movies and shows now, Bobby has cleaned up but dark circles of makeup remain around his eyes, and Claire's blue hairspray has spread to cover her face and hands. I hope I can convince her to shower before bed. Leftover bits of a full day of making and fun.

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