Technical Dificulties

Ugh, I've been having some computer issues. It's so frustrating to have things ready to go and not be able to get them posted. I'm working on it and hope to be back here very soon with some pics from our annual snowboarding trip, a Santa built playkitchen and maybe even some of those kid made gifts I mentioned so long ago.

Searching for Winter

Winter here in southern Michigan has not been all that we expected. It's not that we don't appreciate all the extra sunshine, it really is lovely. But, all this brown mush instead fluffy white?

 Oh we've had a few snowfalls, and we celebrate, thinking it's finally here!

And then, it all vanishes as quickly as it fell.

This calls for some drastic measures. I mean really, short sleeves and roller skating on January 31st!? I think we may just have to go out and hunt down winter this year.