Ramblings with Unrelated Photos

Well, I suppose we do trial runs for a reason. All that progress with my fabric was a bit of bust or at least not quite as perfect as I'd thought. I'm testing out my pattern. You know the one I promised over a year and a half ago?

Yeah, that one. it's finally ready to go, but somehow, when I put it down so long ago I didn't finish estimating the amount of fabric required and for some reason put a ridiculously low number for the trim and tie fabric. I knew it seemed fishy when I was buying the fabric but, wanted to stick with what I'd written for my trial run. I didn't realize it until I went to start cutting over the holiday weekend and by then it was too late to head back to the fabric store for more.

Luckily I've been taking Heather's 30 Day Vegan course, and my energy level and focus have skyrocketed. It' amazing, I'm more patient with the kids, my husband and I have started doing morning yoga again and I'm getting so much more done every day. I don't know if it's just the better food, the half hour of exercise and meditation or taking time out of every day to focus on myself, but I'm feeling great.

I'm sure I'll have my pattern ready in no time, but right now, I've got to make some delicious vegan lunch, take some pictures of the prettiest little ballerinas I know and get back to that fabric store before the baseball game tonight.

My Most Productive Trip to the Fabric Store Ever!

Can't wait to get started on some aprons and some summery loveliness! I should make him come with me every time :)

A Tooth Pillow

Early this week there was a sudden need for a tooth pillow. No warning, just a startled realization of the loose bugger at dinner, a quick brushing to make those little pearls sparkle and pop! Before the dishes were cleared from the table we had our last, first tooth fall out.

Well, being the youngest of 4 my sweet girl knew exactly what to do and what was needed. She immediately ran to the fabric scrap bin and started searching. We finally settled on a baby outfit that was either mine, my sister's, or both.

I had intended to make some doll clothes from it, but my girl thought it was just perfect for her tooth pillow. I finished it just after she'd been put to bed and just before her last request for a glass of water.

Perfect timing really, for her to tuck that sweet little tooth inside, just as she was tucked into bed (again) before drifting to sleep dreaming of lovely little fairies with glittery wings.

A Hard Days Work

So these kids of mine, the same ones who refuse to help with dinner prep or clean up, who throw a fit on cleaning day when asked to do their chores, who have to be reminded a gazillion times to bring their clean and folded or hung laundry to their rooms, these same kids, love yard work. Who knew? (Actually I feel the same way and, I have a feeling that I may have unintentionally instilled in them a severe distaste for all indoor chores at an early age)

We had quite a productive day yesterday. The yard was spring cleaned. all rubbish, toys, bits of wood and anything else was cleaned up and put away. And, the lawn mowed by one very talented, tractor driving, 12 year old. Seriously she was backing up like a pro and mowing flawlessly.

The chicken coop was de-pooped, scrubbed, whitewashed and filled with fresh bedding. My sweet little chicken hugger worked hard and was so happy and exhausted at the end of the day.

We added 3 new little ladies to our flock this spring and they are loving the roomy run after spending their first few weeks inside. Now that the coop is cleaned and the big chickens are starting to accept tolerate them, they will have the choice of sleeping in the coop with the big girls, or in the nesting box they've called home for the past week and a half.

We even squeezed in a bit of gardening. My two youngest are determined to plant gardens that rival mom's. I'll be working on rototilling a bit more yard for them and helping amend the sandy soil with some compost, but the rest of the work, they have requested, is on them.

Everyone collapsed into bed exhausted, sun kissed and proud of all the work they accomplished.

Zipper Fly Plaid Pants or How to Catch a Chicken

I finished up the plaid pants a couple of weeks ago. I was a little paranoid that he'd destroy them before I  was able to get some decent pictures. Also, that fabric? Not cheap. Not something I would normally use to make pants for my boy but, he really liked the plaid print and I really, really wanted to make my little punk some super cool duds. But, you know that boy of mine is pretty observant. He saw how much work I put into them and knew how excited I was about finishing them.

I told him they are not sand pit pants and that they're perfect for days we're out and about rather than days at home or at the playground. I think he kind of likes having a "nice" pair of pants. I've seen him, twice now, run up to his room, without being reminded, to change into different pants before heading outside to practice baseball or dig in the pit. Don't get me wrong, he is as rough on clothing as any other 8 year old boy, and I have no delusions as to what state they will be in when he's through with them, but I like to tell myself that one day I'll be able to pass them on to his little sister. Maybe with a few flower patches over the holes and grass stains?

We waited for a day with mild temperatures and a little sun for the photo shoot and had so much fun with it. After getting the first two pictures up there, I just chased him around the yard while he did his thing. I didn't notice until I was choosing and editing which pictures to share with you here, that there was a bit of a story happening. It seemed to repeat itself in the photos I snapped, and had me smiling, so I thought it was worth sharing.

So, just how does an 8 year old boy catch a chicken you ask? Well, first you should sweet talk them. Use the same, high pitched, baby talky voice you would use with a toddler. As you can see they eat this up and somehow, instinctively, know that this means yummies and the affections of a doting caretaker will soon follow.

Sometimes it helps to get down at their level. Maybe pretend your a chicken, let them know you're a friend.

Next lead them to the garden shed and sprinkle something tasty on the ground.

Make sure to lock the yummies back up so no critters can get in. This also tricks the chickens into thinking you've moved on to other things.

Now that you've got them distracted it's time to go into sneaky, stealthy, ninja mode and slowly move in from behind. Then, when the moment is right, and this may take a few attempts, go for the grab.

I really love these pants and I'm so glad I decided to take the leap and try the zipper fly. I've started a monster of a tutorial for you combining the two I used and filling in the, big, gaps they had. Well I say it's for you but, honestly, it's because I know myself and, chances are, if I don't do this I'll let 6 months go by before trying it again. By then, all knowledge of how it's done will be lost and I'll be starting from scratch, so it's really for me, but I like  to share.