Shredding Season is Here!

 Our baby girl has inherited her big brother's mini board.
And she is rockin the mountain! Well, the sledding hill in the back yard anyway.

On the Solstice

Trying to enjoy a little bit of daylight on the shortest day of the year.

I think we have a new favorite past time this winter. Our pond (really it's more of a swampy area) is not very large, and only a few inches deep, but it's just right for us.

Winter Wonderland!

 Things have been slow on the blog here, for a while.

 We recently moved into a new house.

And after years of discussions and waiting for the right time, finally decided this was the year we start homeschooling.

Obviously, this has put my little etsy shop and my blog on the back burner for a while, I hope to change that soon. 
But for now I'm just enjoying the beautiful new views out my back window,

Smiling at the littles attempts to make snowmen bigger than their Daddy,

 And adventuring with my kids into our new uncharted surroundings,

We have been very grateful that the cold, wet weather held out for a little while this year. It made the move so much easier, but we were getting a little worried it might never come. Yesterday our worries were put to rest and now that we are cozy, settled and for the most part done moving, we are very excited to welcome this lovely scene.

Craft Gift Reveal, Sorry about the pictures

 The craft gifts were finished in the nick of time this year. Unfortunatley my camera battery died and I wasn't able to get pics of all the projects. And the pics I did get are grainy and dark because of poor light. Ugh.

My son, who drew his grandma's name, made this. He came up with the idea on his own, then he and I trekked into the still unfamiliar woods surrounding our new home to find the perfect branch. He worked with Daddy measuring, sawing, drilling and gluing. He was very proud and grandma loved this little guy.

The kids and I drove out to a farm for a fun beeswax candle making class recently. It was fun so I bought some supplies and I made some Candles that looked like little christmas trees for my sis-in-law, no pic of finished project, sorry. We also had a beeswax filled candle in a jar decorated with ripped tissue paper and mod podge from the youngest for her Auntie. Here's the work in progress.

A gorgouse scrapbook album for me from my middle girl. My mom and her trusty cricket helped her finish her secret project. It's full of fun pictures of me and my girl when she was so tiny. Wasn't that just yesterday?

One project that did not get photographed was the scarf my oldest daughter made for her cousin. She taught her self to knit, we visited a local yarn shop and made some new friends and then she worked for hours. It was so pretty and sweet and she worked so hard on it, finishing at grandma's while hiding behind a chair so her cousin couldn't see. Thankfully one of her aunts got a few shots of her working away and of the finished product so I'll have to get them from her. To finish off, some quickly made chocolate covered pretzles for a nephew from my hubby who was pretty short on time because of a busy workschedule and helping the boy with his project, but the nephew did not complain. Who doesn't love some home made chocolate covered pretzels right?

And now we move on to the Christmas gifts. How is your gift making going?