New Life for a Well Used Trunk

A few years ago one of my brothers got me a really cool wicker trunk for my birthday. I loved it! And considering all the rugrats running around this place all the time, it held up pretty well.

At least when you consider the fact that it's been used as a blanket box, a toy box, a boat, a car, a house, a spaceship and anything else a wee one can imagine sitting inside of.

Not to mention the fact that it just happens to be the perfect height for a little seat or a stool for peeking out the window to watch the big kids playing.

Obviously it was in desperate need of a little attention. So I ripped off the wicker, asked my husband to brave the bitter cold and retrieve the staple gun from his work truck, thanks babe, and got to work.

I filled the spaces with some green foam I had lying around, I knew I saved that stuff for a reason, it really needs a solid piece of wood or something, but I didn't have any of that lying around. Hopefully no one needs to peek out the windows any time soon.

The fabric is a really cool shimmery sage stripe, it's from my Aunt who's an interior designer and always has leftovers for me.

I did most of the work while the kids were in bed, but I did have one little helper today when I reattached the lid.

He is now guarding the box that he worked so hard on from his baby sister's behind, because, well, it's still the perfect height for a little seat and now it even has a cushy top.

It looks pretty good I think. I may touch up the wicker on the bottom, but maybe not.

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  1. This is fantastic and well done! When I see broken wicker I immediately assume it's all over but you really revamped it! Way to go!