Snowboarding Season is Here!

A little bit of this . . .

Has us feelin' like this. . .

About a whole lot of this. . .

The last two pictures are from last year. We took the kids snowboarding for the first time and the pic of my son in the middle there, pretty much sums up the whole trip. And the third picture, I just don't think it's possible to stand on a snowboard, no matter what your skill level, without looking totally cool, don't they look like old pros.

We went to the same place my husband and I, along with the rest of my family, spent our winter weekends when we were dating and it had been years since we'd been back. It brought back so many memories of falling in love with him, hanging out with friends, playing board games with my family by the fire late into the night, driving the 3 to 4 hour trip together, through every kind of crazy Michigan weather imaginable (think star trek, warp speed). It was great getting out on the slopes again and, although most of the boarding we do throughout the season nowadays, is on sledding hills around the neighborhood (5, soon to be 6, lift tickets gets pricey), we will be going back at least once a year from now on. This is a family tradition I'm so glad my parents started. Thank you Mom and Dad and thanks for the trip last year!

Yikes I had better start working out, snowboarding is a lot more exhausting than I'd remembered. And. . . uh. . . Unkie Tom, Aunt Rie, I'm begging you to help out with the kids on the slopes like last year, I don't think our calf muscles can make it without you. We can't wait!


  1. We are all so excitied and can not wait for the riding season!! We told Autumn no breaking any arms before the big trip up north this year!!(ha ha) We are getting ready for the snowball fights, laughing, and dancing we do while riding down the slopes!!! Dougie has built a rail slide so we can get warmed up for the park!! Let it SNOW!!!!!!!!! We LOVE it!!
    Tdog and family

  2. I can't wait. They were pros last year. And I had a blast riding with Bean on the one intermediate hill. Maybe you all can come out and the kids can practice in our backyard a bit. :)