Winter Wonderland!

 Things have been slow on the blog here, for a while.

 We recently moved into a new house.

And after years of discussions and waiting for the right time, finally decided this was the year we start homeschooling.

Obviously, this has put my little etsy shop and my blog on the back burner for a while, I hope to change that soon. 
But for now I'm just enjoying the beautiful new views out my back window,

Smiling at the littles attempts to make snowmen bigger than their Daddy,

 And adventuring with my kids into our new uncharted surroundings,

We have been very grateful that the cold, wet weather held out for a little while this year. It made the move so much easier, but we were getting a little worried it might never come. Yesterday our worries were put to rest and now that we are cozy, settled and for the most part done moving, we are very excited to welcome this lovely scene.


  1. whoa, those are some deep footprints over there. Looks like you are enjoying your winter. :)

  2. Yeah, It's lots of fun, as long as you don't have to drive in it and have all the proper clothing to get out and play in it. ;)

  3. Hello,
    Wondering if you are going to do a bit of writing this year? Would love to see the photos of your new home. A very peaceful & abundant new year to you, Love Katie x