School on the Road

The hubs has had a few out of town jobs the last couple of weeks and so, we've been able to fully abuse the freedom homeschooling gives us and tag along. It has been fun checking out some parks and museums in cities we would not have otherwise visited.
The Children's museum in Flint was a hit with the littlest ones, but a bit of a disappointment to the older ones. It is a fairly small museum without much there to keep older kid's interest, but still very nice.
 At one park, we discovered some naturally occurring whirlpools in a stream bringing up some great questions to explore, and inspiring us to find some fun experiments that we can't wait to try out. Not to mention a wonderful afternoon throwing stick and leaves into the water and watching them swirl and whirl and some even disappear down those little vortexes.
We visited a local art gallery in one town, my oldest really enjoyed seeing the works of some real artists. And we even ventured to the east coast of the state one day to explore the beautiful, still frozen shore of Lake Huron. 

And to entertain us during all of that time in the car, we have been enjoying The Sister's Grimm series on audio disc. I'm am, of course, missing my camera terribly. All of these photos were taken with my phone and then touched up a bit. They don't do justice to the beautifully sunny days we enjoyed or the gorgeous Michigan scenery.

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