Cursive Writing Homeschool Style

Some recent family events have me remembering my grandparents long past, worrying about my one still with us and trying to think of ways to include my kids own grandparents a little more in our everyday lives.

We are very lucky to have both sets of grandparents living close by, but when life gets busy and schedules are hectic, or I just can't seem to get the laundry done or the house picked up, it can be hard to make regular visits. Lately though, I'm just a little more aware of the importance of carving out time just for grandmas and pop pops.

So when my girls told me they were interested in continuing handwriting lessons, like they had when they were in school, I knew just who to call. My mom has the most amazing handwriting, well I think so anyway, while my own handwriting is, well, lets just say that if you have a little lefty and she breaks her arm in first grade, don't let the teachers convince you to just have her learn her letters with her right hand.

The girls are loving the extra time with Meema, the boy too, when he decides to join them, and they are learning to write beautifully. And, of course lessons with Meema are more than just sitting and writing. There is pleasant conversation and the usual spoiling with treats that grandma's do so well. And even if the younger kids choose not to join in the writing exercises they are never completely left out.

I'm pretty sure we'll have no trouble coming up with more reasons to visit the kids grandparents on both sides. And oh what a wealth of experience and talent there is to tap into for our homeschooling needs. Quality bonding time, memories to cherish and learning valuable skills all the while, I love it. Of course, having more people share the work of teaching these little ones is a nice bonus for me too ;)

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