Spring has been full of lots of new for us. New friends, new adventures and new responsibilities.

We've ventured further from home than usual, through thunderstorms and chilli Michigan spring weather, to explore towns and cities we've never been to. It is so very wonderful to have adventurous new friends who don't let a little
(or a lot)
of rain ruin our plans for exploring.

And, we've been exploring our own back yard in ways we never have before, thanks to those same amazing, adventurous new friends. (Who knew jack-o-lanterns make great pond scoops?) After a year and a half homeschooling and living in this home I feel like we are finally finding our community.

And finally, we've welcomed these little cuties into our home. My middle girl was so thrilled that, even the strangers at the feed store were excited for us and, thanks to these little gals and my girls enthusiasm, our circle of friends keeps growing. Strangers no more, they have been a source of advice and reassurance, on more than just raising chicks.

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