A Weakness for Popcorn

I've slacked on getting dinner started again, it's getting late, moods are deteriorating and my patience is dwindling fast. Frantically I'm looking for the HUGE 12.5lb tub of popcorn, calling to the kids to see who saw it last, wondering how on earth I could have misplaced such a ginormous thing. When, out of my bedroom walks my son, an apologetic smile on his face, trying to contain a giggle, carrying the very tub of popcorn I am searching for. I stare confused and ask why the popcorn was in my room, how did he know it was in there, who put it in there. I Repeat my questions assuming his little sister had decided she needed it for some game of make believe. Then, I ask him if he put the popcorn in my bedroom. He answers quietly, still working to contain the giggle while trying to sound sorry, "yes. I hid it because I was mad at you."

Hiding the popcorn from me!? Has it come to this?  

A few minutes later I'm happily shoveling handfuls of freshly popped deliciousness into my mouth, good moods and patience restored, and thinking about how well this boy of mine knows me and, how glad I am that, because of this silly trick he pulled, we were able to laugh about our earlier disagreement.

We are enjoying all the popcorn love on the internet these days. Tonight we finally tried Amanda's January popcorn and are looking forward to trying more recipes in her year of popcorn.

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