A Tooth Pillow

Early this week there was a sudden need for a tooth pillow. No warning, just a startled realization of the loose bugger at dinner, a quick brushing to make those little pearls sparkle and pop! Before the dishes were cleared from the table we had our last, first tooth fall out.

Well, being the youngest of 4 my sweet girl knew exactly what to do and what was needed. She immediately ran to the fabric scrap bin and started searching. We finally settled on a baby outfit that was either mine, my sister's, or both.

I had intended to make some doll clothes from it, but my girl thought it was just perfect for her tooth pillow. I finished it just after she'd been put to bed and just before her last request for a glass of water.

Perfect timing really, for her to tuck that sweet little tooth inside, just as she was tucked into bed (again) before drifting to sleep dreaming of lovely little fairies with glittery wings.

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