I Think I have a Sewing Problem

Maybe it's a designing problem? Here's the thing. I'm so close to finished with the apron pattern. One more adjustment another proofread a cute photo shoot and I'm ready to send it out into the wide world. But do you know what's on mind today. Can you guess?

My next project that's what. The only thing I can think about is this cute baby deer fabric and the sweet little outfit that I'm dreaming up for my one kid who actually doesn't need any clothes. Like at all. 2 big sisters, multiple cousins and friends? This girl is swimming in like-new hand me downs that she absolutely loves. But, then again, handmade by mama clothes are rarely about the real need for them. No, this was never about the need for a new outfit. It is a classic case of remnant bin perfection combined with a stumbled upon perfect pairing. If you add to that my recent craving for more time designing and sewing, I don't see how I ever stood a chance really.

I'm trying to keep strong. I'm trying to stay focused, and with a day at home with no obligations to laundry or cleaning (it can wait another day or two. . . I hope) and mine craft keeping the kids engaged and creating and happy, I will finish this apron pattern. And, maybe even get a start on that outfit.

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