My Kryptonite

I think some sort of transformation happened to me when I became a mom. I now have these crazy superpowers that give me the otherworldly strength to remain calm and not panic when I see blood gushing from my four year old's finger while her big sister sobs that she just cut off her baby sisters digit with a shovel (was only a fingernail whew).

I can leap tall chairs in a single bound to scoop up a choking toddler and administer the baby Heimlich faster than a speeding bullet.

I have even been known to fly down a flight of stairs to rescue a fallen child, (though I did not emerge unscathed from that adventure, of course, the kid was fine).

I have determined that about 90% of my parental supervision is done with my supersonic hearing, Which enables me to get to the root of almost any conflict between siblings (it's usually hunger), to distinguish real cries of pain, terror and distress from the not so critical and, to sense when and where major mischief is happening.

I have even been known to use x-ray vision to detect when a certain preschooler had skipped the underwear when dressing. Seriously? That sounds so uncomfortable to me, but apparently one out of four preschoolers hates to wear underwear.

These super powers have served me well in my role as mother but they came at a price. It appears, that for me anyway, the birth of supermom meant saying good-bye to the tough tomboy who picked up snakes, caught frogs and would attempt any trick on bike, board or swing that her big brother deemed too dangerous after first attempting himself.

I may be able to stand in the face of danger to protect my kid, I can keep my cool in the most frighting of scary mommy moments but, A pet chicken sneaking up behind me and pecking at my shoe? A mouse scurrying across the lawn?

Finding a garter snake staring at me from a shelf in my shed after I'd already stuck my head inside looking for a trowel!? Forget it. I'm ashamed to admit it, but my 10 year old self would have been embarrassed of my reaction, and supermom is pretty disappointed too.

My garden this week, dedicated to all the supermoms, and anyone who screams and flails and calls her 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter to come rescue her at the mere sight of a garter snake.

  1. The main garden.
  2. Cucumbers growing outside the fence of the main garden. There is no way we will have enough.
  3. Bush beans are looking good.
  4. I decided to try planting some heirloom pumpkins. I hope I gave them enough time.
  5. Hops flower buds? I'm not sure. I've never seen them bud before. :)
  6. The cabbage butterfly has decimated the brassica plants once more. I'm spending the rest of the summer planting flowers that will attract ladybugs and wasps to help me combat these evil little caterpillars.
  7. A little surprise from the compost.

My friend, who scared me last week, startled my daughter today, he had trapped himself in some netting in my shed.

My chicken loving, farmer wannabe, daughter was able to keep her cool and set the poor fella free. Creepy or not, we couldn't let him suffer.


  1. Hi Super-Kerry! I just followed you here from Wonder Farm. Crazy busy at the moment, but I'll be back to have a mooch around in your garden- I love love love gardening, and am absolute rubbish at it! (About on par with my parenting, but I seem to have kept the tomboy thing.)

    1. Hi Wandering sue, I just love Wonder Farm. I'm glad you found your way here. Thanks for stopping by :) I am not the greatest gardener either, but I just love being out in the garden and the smallest things, like our miniscule hops harvest (not even enough for one batch of beer) or the single celery plant that made it, make me giddy so I guess it's worth it.

  2. I loved this! I've acquired very similar super powers. The one I lost in exchange was fearlessness atop high objects. I used to cliff jump with glee. Then I had kids, and now I'm crippled with acrophobia. No way will I cliff jump, bungee jump, or even go near the Grand Canyon edge ever again. TERRIFYING.

    1. Oh no! I hope I can still bungee jump or sky dive. Those are two things that never got crossed off my pre-mom bucket list that I thought I might still be able to work up the nerve to do someday. I haven't noticed any increased fear of heights so I might be OK, and I do still snowboard. My brother has convinced me to try a few daring moves on the slopes in the past couple of years, but I am nothing like I used to be. That fearlessness is just not there anymore.