A Farewell to Steve (our paper--mâché friend)

I feel like this is a strange post to come back here with after such a long absence, but the kids insisted that Steve get the farewell he deserves.

For those who never met Steve, he was an accident, he was never supposed to be. But a goofed attempt at a piñata led to the creation of Steve, and a brother and cousin refusing to take part in the girls' big movie brought Steve to life in his first role as "the groom" in their inaugural film.

After that he became a part of our everyday lives. Steve helped us out in a moment of need, playing the part of scarecrow when a crazed bird was relentlessly bashing itself into our window trying to get to the trees reflected in it. He loved playing the creepy silhouette on the porch to scare tick-or-treaters on Halloween. But, most of the time he could be found modeling the gowns and capes L or I designed and sewed. He wore them well, and always with a little extra flare.

Yesterday Steve was unceremoniously laid to rest. Too many late nights spent in a damp basement led to a soggy noggin and after holding on for the past month or so with a misshapen, flattened form he finally began to fall apart. We started finding a piece of stiff paper here, a pile of floury dust there. When he lost an eye we finally accepted his fate and said our good-byes with a promise to never forget our Steve and the wonderful acting, haunting, and general support he showed for all of our projects.

There are plans in the works for attempting a reincarnation, alas we all know the second Steve can never be the same as the first, but his legacy will live on in the paper-mâché heads of tomorrow. Steve you were loved, you will be missed, you will live on in our hearts and projects evermore.

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