Just in Time for Labor Day!

Remember these ruffles? Well, my brother-in-law has become a huge fan of the game Cornhole. He got a set for his birthday last spring and the kids always want to play too. The bags are pretty big and heavy for the littlest ones and they're pretty plain and ugly and manish, so I thought his baby girl needed some of her very own.

Okay, the link for Cornhole, I just had to do it. who would think this silly, fun game would have such an official organization? I had no idea so many took it so seriously. Here's the Wikipedia a little more simple and straight forward for those of you who don't know the game.
Basically it's bean bags (or corn filled bags) tossed into a hole. Our kiddie version, frilly cute bean bags in 3 different shapes to be tossed into a wooded board with matching shapes cut out of it.
The game board was designed and constructed by my amazingly talented and creative husband. You get more points if the hole your bag goes into matches the shape of your bag. The kids were supposed to paint it all cute like a silly face, but, as usual, we ran out of time, we'll get to it eventually.
I Love the way it turned out and it was a big hit with the kids at the birthday party. The board is light enough for most of the kids to move around on their own and my little niece really enjoys playing with her bean bags.

Of course I couldn't stop there, no, as I said before every girl, no matter the age, needs bags and she had to have something to keep all her bean bags together so,

I came up with this bitty bag. I was really happy with how quickly and easily it came together, and the finished product is even cuter than I thought it would be.

It made sweet wrapping too, no paper or boxes needed.


  1. ooooh, the little drawstring bag is so cute! do you have a tutorial for it??

  2. Thanks for the tutorial suggestion.