Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere

With three girls and 5 nieces you would think I'd be tired of ruffles, but I still can't seem to get enough of them. I never liked them much when I was a kid, maybe I'm making up for all the ruffles I missed out on back then. Don't get me wrong my wardrobe never lacked for ruffles, my mom made sure I had my fair share, I just wasn't that into them. It could have had something to do with wanting to be as cool as my big brother.

Now, however, things are a little different I have girls and nieces and I am happy to make sure these girls never want for ruffles. My big brother is still cool, but I've learned that ruffles make anything sweet and pretty and oh so girly!

This is a little surprise for just one of those sweet, pretty little girls and I'm having lots of fun (mixed with a bit of swearing at breaking threads) making these ruffled treats for her. I can't wait to show you the finished product. In the meantime check out these ruffles I just found from Candace at Sparkle Power, I'm definitely gonna have to whip up a few of those before it gets too cold.

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