Some Holiday Show and Tell

A few of the homemade gifts given this Christmas. To start with a new All Better Buddy. I received a phone call a few weeks ago from a very sweet little 2 year old who had just gotten a small boo boo. In her soft and sad little two year old voice she told me that for Christmas she needed her very own Buddy.

My adorable little niece tends to be a bit accident prone. She always seems to be bumping into tables and tripping over her toys. She borrows her big sister's All Better Bunny whenever she gets hurt, but thought she really should have her very own. I decided instead of a bunny, however, she should have a little bear. You see she first fell in love with her sister's All Better Buddy over the summer when she received more than her fair share of bee stings and who better to ward off a bee sting than a cuddly little bear.

These little guys were last minute additions to gifts that I mistakenly thought included the puppets. They were so, so much fun to put together, but took a little more time than I had expected and so, had me finishing up Christmas day just minutes before being attached to the gifts.

It really was fun putting these together and I'm sure I'll be making a few more soon.


  1. I love handmade finger puppets and these are great. I remember seeing some in a store for like $40. Which is crazy, cause they were just some plain fabric pieced together where yours are way more intricate. Great gift!

  2. Thanks, they were so much fun, like playing with paper dolls. That little puppy took quite a while though, I had to hand stitch each little spot and I'm not the fastest at hand stitching, it could become addictive though. Too much fun.