Happy 2010!

My camera is MIA, left at my brothers after an exciting holiday visit including lots of sledding, yummy hot cocoa, board games and little ones staying up way too late. But I just couldn't leave those Christmas bags up any longer so I thought I'd show you a couple of things I'm considering for the new year.

I've never taken part in Amy Karol's Tie One On, but it always looks like so much fun. The theme this time is black and white and I have been planning a black and white apron for months. Now I have some extra motivation and a deadline to make it.

This sounds like another way to motivate myself to do some things I've been wanting to. Hip Mountain Mama is challenging readers to make one change each month from January 1st to April 22 (Earth day) that will have a positive effect on the environment. There are a lot of things I've been wanting to start doing and have just not been motivated to implement them. Maybe joining this group will help me get started.

I also have great plans to be more organized this year and have started by giving myself a quit housework and start sewing time so that I can have some items to sell in my shop soon (only a year after opening, sigh). I have also given myself a quit working and go to bed time so I can wake up and get the girls off to school with only minor whining (from me, not the girls). I have been working out some exciting plans to help my kids get involved in the housework and complete some of their chores with less nagging from me and Daddy. I hope to be able to share this here after it's been thoroughly tested. We'll see how this all works out, I've learned by now that any hard set rules, plans and schedules are soon challenged by the ever changing needs of kids and family, but I hope to have allowed enough flex time to accommodate most of the unexpected situations sure to arise.

Don't misinterpret my impatience to remove the holiday bags from the top of this blog as a rush to get past all the holiday crafting. I have plenty of show and tell and as soon as the camera is back in my possession and the pics have been downloaded, I'll have some fun stuff for you. For now though, it's all planning for the new year. What are your plans?

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