I'm Open for Business

Well I did it. My first items up for sale. The shop is officially open!

Just a few bunnies to start with, but more to come. I will have some "boy" looking ones, but a certain nephew has asked the Easter Bunny to purchase one for his Easter basket this year and I need to see which one he wants before I post them for sale.

Stop by and see if you might want to give one of these critters a good home. I think my nephew's got the right idea, they would make great Easter gifts don't you think.

My kids will be very sad to see them go, but know that some other little kid will love them as much as they do, and that makes them feel better.

It seems to be tough for them to let a hand made by mommy item leave the house, even if it's a gift for one of their friends or cousins.

It feel good to know my kids enjoy the things I make, I just have to be sure they get some hand-mades of their own.


  1. Oh my gosh! Your bunnies are incredible! I especially love the white one's expression.

  2. My middle daughter has a lot of input into the expressions each bunny gets. She loves throwing in the occasional frown and always wants them to have long eye lashes. She just loves watching the personalities emerge and I just love her enthusiasm while I sew them.