A Wallet

I found that little pirate something I was looking for.
Remember the Toddler Purse? Well I thought that I would attempt to make a wallet version for my son.
 I still have lots of pirate fabric laying around so I figured I'd use some of that.
 The end result is okay, but I'm not completely satisfied. Still, the fabrics look pretty cute together and I like the black zipper, button and buckle. And how about the X marks the spot lace up.
 I need to tweak the pattern a bit, the way it folded up didn't work quite how I'd imagined it and it's a little bulky.
 My son, however, has no complaints about this one (other than it took far longer to finish than he would have liked)
But, all those pockets are just perfect for hiding his oh so important tiny treasures.

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