Learning to Love Reading Again

When I see this,

I know that at least one of my homeschooling goals, a big one, has been achieved this year.

Welcome back my little reader, my lover of books, I missed you.

(A frustrating year in school last year left her less than enthusiastic about reading. These photos were actually taken in April and she's still going strong, reading most nights before bed and to me often)


  1. :)

    Looks like she's reading a graphic novel in the photo...let me know if you guys come across any good ones. I am trying to expand my reading to include graphic novels, but don't know where to start.

  2. This one is part of the 'Amulet' series. I haven't read them, Bob found and started reading these to her and she liked them so much, she couldn't wait for him and finished them on her own. He still read them too because the little kids got really into the stories, but you'll have to ask him what he thought of them. I know he likes the series better than any other graphic novels they've brought home since, and the kids couldn't wait for the library to get the last one in the series, so they bought it with their own money. That's a pretty good endorsement I think :)