A Few Homeschooling Links

This time of year, whether we're homeschooling or not, always seems to take me away from this place. My mind is distracted I suppose, but I'm working on a few things and hope my absences will not be long or frequent. For now though, I'll give you a few of the homeschooling blogs I'm really enjoying.
  • Balancing Everything, Jessica usually has back to homeschool posts, but this year she's outdone herself.  Lots of good stuff there.
  • Homespun Life is new to me. They unschool and I'm loving catching bits and pieces of how they school while browsing her archives.
  • Simple Homeschool is a great resource for a wide range of homeschool styles and the comments section is a the place to find lots of other homeschooling bloggers.
  • The archives at Yarns of the Heart have lots of great, useful links and ideas and Jena is so sweet, if you want some advice, especially on the late reader front, she's the homeschooling mom to ask.
OK, now back to the craziness that is September around here. I'll be back soon.

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