Not Back to School Bonfire

As the cousins head off to school and the local playgrounds empty, even the happiest homeschoolers can feel like they're missing out on some of the fun. So while so many around us celebrate the excitement of heading off to school, we celebrate the freedoms of homeschooling.

Staying up late one more night for a not back to school bonfire, complete with shooting stars, because, we don't have to wake up early tomorrow. . . unless we really want to :-)


  1. I love this idea! Being an homeschooler, it is sometimes hard not to feel like you are missing out on something, like everyone else is going to a party and you are stuck at home. However, that moment quickly passes when you realize how many opportunities and freedoms are open to you by staying at home. Plus, who doesn't love a bonfire? What a great way to celebrate such freedom!

  2. Thank you mountain cat. It's always nice to hear from someone who's been there :)