Summer Reading

We started listening to the Penderwicks in the car early last week, on the way to gymnastics for one and a walk in the woods for the rest of us. It's a wonderful, funny, summery story about the adventures of four sisters vacationing at a cottage in the country and the boy they meet there. We're finding ourselves looking for more places to go and making up excuses to sit in the car so we can listen just a little bit longer. So good.

I'm re-reading a favorite homeschool/unschooling book, The Unschooling Handbook, one of the first I ever read and a source of great inspiration.

The boy can not wait until he can read it on his own so, I've started reading the Harry Potter Series to him. He just can't stand being out of the loop any longer, and honestly neither can I. Yes, I confess, I've never read them myself.

The middle girl started reading May Bird in bed at night but, learned it was just a little too creepy for her overly active imagination and has decided it is definitely a daytime read. I read it to everyone a few years ago and although I can't remember the details I do remember we all enjoyed it. She has also started Shakespeare's secret (since she needed a night time read) and is loving the 4th book of the Ranger's Apprentice. How she can have so many stories going at once I have no idea.

My oldest is reading Kira Kira She says, "It's good. It's about 2 sisters and they're moving." She's only read through the second chapter, but it sounds promising.

And, the baby girl, who is definitely not a baby, is still in love with her Skippyjon books, thankfully they all come with CD's so she can listen again and again, without me having to loose my voice.

And for the hubs and I our first Patrick Rothfuss on audiobook The name of the Wind.

What's next on the list? I'm thinking we'll join Bird and Little Bird's Read Aloud Book Along. And Jessica makes The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making look too good to pass up.

What's on your reading list? Anything old or new to suggest? I'm giving myself permission this summer to read and read and read for the fun of it and I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do so, don't just keep it to the kids books, although I do love those too.

While I do have an Amazon Affiliate account and, would greatly appreciate the little bump towards school supplies if you choose to purchase any of our suggested books, we found all our copies at the local library. The library is always the first place we look for good books and we'd encourage you to do the same.

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