A Crossroads

Well, It seems that Blogger will no longer allow me to post pictures without an upgrade so, I've come to a point in my blogging where I have to make a couple of decisions. Do I like it here at Blogger well enough to stay or, is it time to move on? I have been considering this for a while now and I'm feeling the pull to move but, I'm not sure how much work it will be and I really have no major complaints about Blogger so, I'm not sure yet.

The other thing is, if I must upgrade, or even go through the trouble of moving, that effort and money must be justified. In other words, it's time to attempt making some moolah with this here blog either directly or indirectly. And, just how do I plan on doing that?

In any event, it appears that it's time for things to change around here and, much like kids growing and seasons changing I am so very unprepared and unsure and desperately wishing I had a pause button for this whole life thingy because, I'd really like to hang back, right here, for just a little while longer.

So, it'll be quiet around here for a bit, while I sort all this out and fret over how terribly fast this planet of ours moves round and round. And I hope that when I return with my upgrade or news of moving, you'll still be here. Well, not here, here, necessary but, checking in periodically as you do. :-)

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