I miss blogging

I don't take as many photos anymore. I have way more started but, unfinished sewing projects without that push to get it done and post it already. I don't really get into much personal stuff on my blog but, I miss the way it marks the passing of time for me, the way the subtle clues I leave myself remind me of a certain day, or event, or adventure.

My baby girl, who is so not at all a baby anymore, loves pandas right now. The game they're playing here really isn't much fun and I think most of it's parts have found their way out of the house, but the mask, the mask she kept. Because, who doesn't love pretending to be a cute, sweet and lovable little panda every now and then?

I've figured out the issue with the photos, I just have to change the way I upload them. I really do want to find a way to make a little money but, I have a hard time pulling myself away from all that I feel I need to do. Kid care, food, cleaning. But, I'm also learning that there has to be time for me too. I'm working on it. My kids, obviously, are not babies anymore and while in some ways that means less time (driving a million places for all the things they're into) it also means they need less help from me day to day and they're capable of pitching in and freeing up more time when we are home. Any way, I'm not giving up on my shop, or on moving to a fresh, new, pretty site, but for now I'll be back with my usual silly posts and attempts at pretty pictures.

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