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We had a wonderful holiday and a fun time ringing in the new year and I hope all of you did too. I suppose I'm a little late to the party on the handmade holiday gift reveals but, here goes,  via instagram.

Every year I drive myself a little crazy trying to make way too many gifts and usually spend most of Christmas eve and sometimes part of Christmas morning putting on the finishing touches. So, this year I gave myself a little gift. I promised myself to let go of any projects or shopping not done by Solstice.

Of course that didn't happen but, what did happen was that nothing new was started in the few days leading up to the cutoff day and all of those last minute, finishing touches were done bit by bit, and, for the most part, with time to spare. It made the whole process so much more enjoyable and I was able to let go and enjoy all of our celebrations.

So, just what did I get finished you ask? I did finish that little something I've been going on about.

Aprons for two of my nieces (pattern for sale soon) along with some glitter doh the kids helped me make and some fun patterned wood rolling pins.

My sister is a derby girl so for her little one I wanted to go a little punk with the apron and it turned out perfect. The other was made with some of the fabric I used on the ironing board cover but, the poor sweetie pie was sick so I couldn't get any pics of her wearing it. I'm so excited at how nice they turned out and, inspired by the apron I made using Meg's pattern, they're reversible!

I was also able to make the hat. He loves it. Pattern from Meg at Sew Liberated, I'm obviously a fan of her patterns. The fabric I used is from a ginormous stash I was given years ago by my cousin. she saved the samples of fabric that were discontinued when she was working as an interior designer for a furniture store then, passed them on to me. They were perfect for this sweet cap.

I didn't get all the handmades done that I'd hoped to and my own girls didn't get any from me but, there are always birthdays or rainy days or just for fun sewing days to work on the projects I had in mind for them. And I did help out with the projects that the kids made each other. I'll have a special post about those fun gifts soon, they all worked so very hard and thoughtfully on their gifts for each other. But, before that, there is one more handmade, or rather hand assembled gift I want to share.

Stay tuned for our Secret Spy Kit post, coming soon.

Secret agent man

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