Scrap Monster Sew Along Day 2: monster limbs

Today's post is so very late because a certain little one (who has decided to give school a try this year) needed some extra mama time tonight. She is doing well and liking school, but commented that it does make it harder to do ALL the things you want to do with your mom...

Come. On.

She knows my weaknesses so well. Anyway, she has been fed desserts, cuddled, read a story, given some undivided attention, and tucked in so now, on to the monster making!

Day 2: Monster Limbs

Do you have some long strips leftover from quilt making? or a bit along the selvage? I am using the long thinnish pieces to make my monster's limbs. I'm still not sure if they will become arms or legs.

To aid in turning the long tube of fabric right side out, I tied an oversized safety pin to a scrap of yarn, fed it through the inside-out tube of fabric, sewed the end of the yarn into the end of fabric, then pulled the safety pin to turn the tube right side out. It takes a little finagling to get it started but is super smooth once it's going.

One of my favorite extras to add to the limbs is wire. wrap it in the stuffing or wiggle it in after the piece is stuffed and you now have a poseable limb. My wire was a little too thin so I wrapped it around itself until I had a strong enough wire to hold a pose when put into the limb I had. The thinner the limb or the less stuffing the thinner the wire can be.

Some other fun ideas for the limbs would be to use a tapered piece, or add "fingers" of yarn or felt. These can be added when you sew closed one end of the limb before stuffing, just turn the raw edge under slide some yarn scraps or pointed felt pieces in and top stitch closed.

If you are planning to piece together your main monster body that can be done with this step.

OK, tomorrow I should have some more time for monster making. If you have any questions about this step (or any others) please comment below or send me a message. I did plan a more detailed explanation for this step so I may add some later. Night everyone. Remember to snap some pictures of your progress, tag, and share #monstersewalong

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