Enjoy the Moment

I'm not sure where it came from, but there is a quiet business around here today.

The two who rarely find themselves working or playing alone together are pleasantly intense on a joint project, leaving tools, scraps and messes in their wake for the rest of us to discover and puzzle over, like clues to some great mystery.

The middle girl is off reading and dreaming of the chickens she plans to own one day soon, very soon. Did I really agree to welcome 2 no 3 maybe 4 egg bearing dinosaur descendents into my home? Oy.

And the littlest one is singing sweetly while she plays with her dolls and kitchen. Right now, she is "the princess of the world" and that, apparently, requires a wardrobe change. At least it's laundry day so there's already clothing strewn about all over the place, what's a few more outfits for the sake of make believe.

I think I need to find something to keep myself busy and out of their way today. I'm going try really hard to let go of my plans and expectations of what they should be doing, just let them be and enjoy the unexpected time for myself.

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