Finding Winter!

We took out a seat, loaded the van, bungied the boards and squished in.

It took a couple hours heading north but eventually. . .we found snow!

There were lots of giggles, plenty of sunshine, delicious food and drinks, puzzles, sledding, a little shopping,  lots and lots of snowboarding (for all of us, yay!),

and a nice little snowstorm giving us some delicious powder for our last day on the slopes leading to. . .a bit of tree climbing? (oops!)

 No worries, she immediately popped up, hands in the air exclaiming, "I'm alright! That. Was. Awesome!" I realize one ending up in the tree is probably not the best way to illustrate it, but these girls of mine, and my sis, are becoming amazing little boarders and, with only this one trip, this one week each year, that's really saying something.

The boy loves his board too, of course, and is doing great as well. He likes trying to hop as he's speeding downhill. Oh how he wishes he was ready for those monster jumps his uncle likes to fly over. Not yet little man.

I realize there are some people who think kids shouldn't start off snowboarding but, if your littlest ones want to snowboard, there's really no reason for them to ski first. My four year old was able to stop herself and was running up and down the bunny hill unassisted by the end of our trip.

We all snowboard and, of the 6 of us, my husband is the only one who was ever a skier before learning to board.

This post is a few weeks late, I'm having trouble getting photos onto the computer right now. Issues with USB ports I believe. As I hit publish on this the frogs are making a ruckus in the pond and I woke this morning to the quacking of ducks. At least we were able to find a little winter before it arrived but, it's official, Spring is here!

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