Fancy Towels

One of my favorite people to make stuff for is my sister-in-law. I think it's because she really seems to like getting the home made stuff, and doesn't seem to mind the small imperfections that happen when I try something new.

I started these towels for her a few years ago. It was new to me, sewing thicker fabrics to thin and slippery ones then, attaching the small strip of finicky fabric to an already finished piece.

I hit a road block and quit in frustration.

I stumbled onto the project while cleaning out and organizing my fabric stash after the holidays this year, and remembered the frustration these towels had caused. I set them aside and thought maybe, if there's time, I'll try finishing them for her birthday. I knew I wouldn't though.

Well, it kind of gnawed at me after that.

I pulled them out a few times, I inspected my work and, it was actually pretty good. I knew my skills were better now and it really didn't look so daunting anymore.

So, just before we were ready to head out the door for the birthday dinner, I decided to try and finish the set. I love when I leave a project that feels so difficult when I start and then, I'm able to come back and finish it with ease, to actually see and feel that i have grown and learned in the time that it was put away. I never would have thought, when I threw down this project so long ago, that it would be one of those gifts I finish as we're rushing out the door.

And, I think she liked them too.

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