The Bellabee Apron Pattern

I finally did it. I have finally listed the Bellabee Apron Pattern for sale in the 6Berries Etsy shop. Yay!

I really am this excited to finally have this project complete. You can head on over to Etsy to check out all the info.

I'm going to show you the out takes from my photo shoot with my youngest here, because, well, it's fun and they're simply adorable pictures. If I do say so myself. Although I could have done better with the lighting.

She was very excited about getting to model the apron. She loves hers and couldn't wait to play the mad scientist. Which really is how she uses hers. Sitting at the kitchen table mixing different ingredients to make strange concoctions and calling it science.

And, she insisted on wearing her goggles. You're just not a scientist, mad or otherwise, without proper eye protection.

I think a sibling dropped the lid to the cooler holding the dry ice just as I snapped this. We all got a good laugh from this picture. My silly girl. Shy as can be in person, but always goofing off for the camera. I just love her to bits.

OK, so even she get tired of the camera eventually. Enough with the pictures mom, can't I just play with the colored liquid in the test tubes already.

Well, now that I've made this post feel completely self indulgent with pictures of my cutie pie wearing the apron pattern I'm hoping to sell, I might as well add one last plug. Go check out my shop. :)

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