Wintery Pics

Is it bad form to post Christmas pics so long after the holiday? Probably, but I love this picture so much. I snapped it in my early morning fog, from my viewing spot on the sofa, just seconds before dragging my sleepy butt back to bed. The kids were up early this year. 4:30 to be exact.

Yeah, so Christmas morning nap, was not optional this year.

We had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, and fun and food. We've totally obliterated any semblance of routine or schedule with endless hours of video games and new books and puzzles and a little bit of fun in the snow when the sun was shining. There is just something about the combination of snow and sunshine that is irresistible.

The Kindle Fires Santa delivered have us all in a trance, my husband and myself included. Why did no one ever tell me about Temple Run? Oh, yeah, because I can become extremely obsessed with those silly, pointless games. (There is a span of a few months, shortly after my husband and I started dating, that is sort of a big Tetris blur for me.) Every morning. This is how I find them every morning.

These early days of the new year always have a hang over feel to them. We've started to loose the holiday buzz, and the lazy days lacking our normal routines are wearing on us. So, as we groggily emerge from our junk food comas, I am trying to nudge us back to normal.

It's difficult, though, because we can't just return to the pre-holiday routine. You never can go back, you know. Just a few short weeks, but already we're all so different. And, with new toys and tools needing our attention and time, a new schedule must be forged.

This was not at all my intended direction for this post. I kinda love when that happens. It's like I'm telling myself, no no no, that's not what's really on your mind. Here let me show you what you've been working through while running that little animated character through the treacherous temple run. Let me clue you in on what happens when you ignore your original inspiration to write, putting off blog post after blog post. Much like those routines you can never really return to those original thoughts.

Which had something to do with challenging myself to take wintery photos every day to help get through this dark and cold season. A little push to get myself outside more often and remind myself of all that I truly love about Michigan winters, because I really do, I love all the snow and the crisp air, I just forget sometimes.

I'll leave you with a quick update on my niece. I know some of you have been wondering and hoping all is well, and it is. As well as we can hope for under the circumstances. Her surgery went better than expected, she recovered quickly and was home for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Radiation is done, and although it took a toll on her poor little body, she did well. She is back to her chemo schedule, with a break for the holidays and has reached the halfway point. She spends as much time as she can playing in the snow and enjoying every minute of those good days, surrounded by the people who love her.

Hoping your holidays were filled with good food, loving family and fun. And, may the new year live up to your every wish.

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