With Chilly Cheeks and Warm Bellies

I just tucked in my two youngest. Their cheeks chilly, and their bellies warm. The winter storm has caused quite a bit of excitement around here. We're downing hot cocoa and soup like they're going out of style and my entryway is in a constant state of soppy, snowy, mess. I just can't keep up. And, I don't care. I am so in love with right now. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm just going with it. Don't get me wrong, things are far from perfect. I was grumpy a bit today too, but the overall feeling I have of contentment is wonderful. I thought I might sit and write and work something out here, but you know what? I'm just going to take the opportunity to make note of it, to help me remember this feeling, while it's abundant.

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