Independant Crafting

We had a wonderful guest last night, my niece. She is a huge fan of anything crafty, so whenever she stays over the three older girls plot and plan and come up with crazy crafty ideas, usually requiring some kind of sewing and always requiring some help from me. Well, today I just wasn't in the mood. I told them, to their shock and dismay, that I just wasn't up for a big project today and that they were on their own. I did feel a little guilty but, come on, gimme a break my man's been working crazy hours and school starts soon, I've been a little stressed. Well the kids were not deterred, even the little ones were bit by the crafty bug.

There was dinosaur drawing by my 4 year old. I do love this boys monsters, they are the best.

Coloring with brand new markers while I tried not to worry about the mess they were making.

And as expected an elaborately planned project including sewing and cutting,

ripping seams, more sewing by hand and machine, and lots of working together to solve design issues.

And all this was done smoothly, to my suprise, with no help from me. I just sat back, snapped a few pics and watched them work it out. I was really impressed with how much they figured out on their own.

Not everything was done by the book, but the end result was a cute bag they could call their own and a couple of very proud girls. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the finished product before it went home with my niece. I'll try to get one next time we see her.

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