Sewing Together

My oldest who is 8 took quite an interest in sewing last year. She got her own sewing machine for Christmas, which was as much a gift for me as her since she wants to sew only when I do, of course. It's more fun that way right? And so, when her birthday rolled around, her super cool Aunt and Uncle bought her, her first skirt/pants pattern New Look Kids 6661 and all the fabric and trims needed to make view A.

It has two layers which I had never done before and turned out really cute! The slippery flowing fabric in my daughters current favorite color combo, light blue/teal and dark brown, were just perfect for this super girly skirt.

The pattern was a little difficult for this young beginning sewer, but not so much as to discourage. She cut out and put together each of the skirt layers and the waistband with minimal help from me (other than deciphering the directions). I then took over for the tiny rolled hem and assembly of the pieces. She could have done the last part herself with a little help, but she needed a nice skirt for a family function so we had a deadline I wasn't sure she could meet.
She says her favorite part is the little bow in the front and of course the colors. I know she also loves the fact that the fabric seems so grown up. It was a little slippery to work with, which I think a lot of people avoid on beginner projects, but if you can handle the imperfections that come with learning a new skill I highly recommend using it early. There is a lot that can be learned by simply doing it, then when you look for tips, you'll know what everyone is talking about.

A super cute skirt, a little more grown up feeling than her others, but with plenty of little girl twirl action. Thank you Aunt Rie and Uncky Tom.

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