Homebrew Love

His first attempt at a Belgian style brew. Look at the frothy, lacy head. I think lacy is my new favorite term for describing beer. I heard it for the first time last year at a beer class at Ann Arbor Brewing Company, a class about Belgian beers, and it describes the effect of the froth clinging to the side of the glass as you drink. So pretty and so yummy.

I wish I had more pictures to share but, beer brewing, and drinking, tend to happen in the later parts of the day when the light is just not that great.

There has been quite a bit of brewing happening lately. Friends and family (really the same thing around here) interested in learning to brew and my hub's interest in trying some new recipes means anyone visiting us is sure to be offered a pint upon arrival. I'm anxious to try the pumpkin spice myself, or maybe some of that cider he's got cooking. But, really, my favorite part is the way the house smells while making the wort, that sweet tea aroma filling the kitchen, and the time spent together while it does.

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