Totally in Love With. . .

. . . My niece's Christmas wish list, found in my inbox this morning.


  1. If your niece had any inkling of what your family has been making homemade in your recent post, then I can see why she added on 'any home made gift'. In capitals with an exclamation point no less. You've got some nice homemade gifts to wrap up and I'm guessing she knows her crafty aunt pretty well. -heather

  2. Thank you Heather, you're so kind. My niece added the yellow highlighting too :) This is the same niece I mention every once in a while. She loves making and receiving all kinds of hand made goodies.

    The day they sewed without my help

    The playmat they made their pregnant teacher

    Her birthday gift from me this year

    She certainly inspires me to make.