Craft Gift Reveal Part 2

My oldest and my baby girl each had an aunt and decided to work together, which was wonderful for me since they were able to do these crafts together without much help. We searched the internet and my 10 year old decided to try these sugar scrubs from Christine at Great Oak Circle. They chose to make the Vanilla Almond and Peppermint scrubs and, it was easier than baking cookies.

We decided to add some red sugar sprinkles to the peppermint scrub to give it a more pepperminty look. And, I did send a question to Christine about the amounts in the Vanilla Almond scrub. She got back to us right away with a great tip. She advised combining the dry ingredients, then adding the olive oil a little at a time to ensure it doesn't get too oily. I was lucky enough to be asked to test the scrubs, they both smell wonderful and my hands haven't been this soft and smooth in a long time.

Then, they made some lip balm using Renee's tutorial on Fimby. We'll be making more of this as soon as we can find some little tins. I'm pretty sure this will be going into every gift we give this year and we'll need plenty for ourselves too. We all loved it.

The boy had a favorite cousin for the exchange and he had no trouble at all deciding to create a series of  4 books for her. They were titled, Knights and Dragons, Ogres and Dungeons, Knights and Castles and Princesses and Princes, and they read like guides, "These are two knights fighting. They are training for battle school. They will be very, very tough knights and this castle has very, very sharp swords so they might always win the battle." Too cute.

He started writing books this way after watching How to Train Your Dragon and reading the book. I love that he wrote about one of his favorite subjects, but that he put a lot of thought into including things he thought his cousin (a teenage girl) would like too, it wasn't all swords and battles. At one point I heard him exclaim, "I need more glitter for my princess!" and couldn't help but smile. (That's her pet bird dragon that breathes fire and protects her, on her shoulder)

I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the gifts we made, I know we had fun making them and we all loved the craft gifts we received. What an fun start to the crafting season, there is still so much more to be made in the next few weeks. So, what's on your holiday crafting to-do list?


  1. the gifts look great! :)

    my craft list:

    finish dance costume - by Dec. 14! (yikes!)
    finish 3 dolls that are almost, but not quite done.
    finish chair covers for outdoor chairs.
    finish the three hats I've blocked but not embellished.

    hmm...noticing a "finish" trend...really, really going to try to make time to get these things done so I can start new ones!

  2. Thanks A-M, I've been trying to cross a lot off my to be finished list too. The thing I love about finishing lots of projects at once is that I feel so productive, even if most of the work was actually already done. I hope I get to see those hats I keep hearing about :)

  3. I think there is a little illustrator in your family...this is how I began. I like to see you encouraging and relishing his imagination in his book here. It is a WONDERFUL gift for his cousin. Just wonderful. As are all your homemade gifts you shared here. You have some lucky recipients on your gift list this year. -heather

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment Heather. He does love to draw and there's always a great story to go with each one. We had so much fun with this gift exchange.