Iris the Goddess of the Rainbow Costume Tutorial

After spending some time with Rick Riordan's books about Greek gods, demigods and mythical beasts, the 10 year old decided she wanted to go as Iris. This is her tutorial.

 You'll need:

  •  rainbow colored piece of fabric or shawl
  • some sort of headdress or crown
  • white fabric long enough to fit a round you (with extra)
  • string
  • sparkly ribbon
  • sewing Machine
  • sewing scissors
  • sewing needles
  • thread

Under Dress
The under dress is pretty simply what you need from the lists above are:
  • white fabric
  • string
  • sewing Machine
  • sewing scissors
 (Mom note, the purpose of the under dress is simply to make sure nothing peeks out under the wrap dress, it's not really necessary for dress up play at home) Take the white fabric and measure it to fit a round you, make sure you have enough room to walk and it is about from your ankle to your armpits (I used about 1 yard ).

Cut the measurements straight up so when you sew it, it looks like a tube, like the shirt of The Pirate Girl costume, except it is a lot longer.
Sew the two ends together to make a tube.

Cut out arm holes and make a casing at the top like a pillowcase dress.
Cut the string in two pieces that can tie above your shoulders.
Thread the string in the casings.


 The Rainbow Wrap
    Take the rainbow fabric and hold your arms straight out with the fabric behind you.
    Then, take your left arm and wrap the fabric around you to your right sholder. Have somebody hold it.
    Then take your right arm and wrap the fabric around you to your left hip.
    Take the piece on your right sholder across your back to your left hip and tie together.

    Take the sparkly ribbon and cut to fit around your wrists and neck.
    Add any jems or buttons.
    Use velcro, hook and eye fasteners or just sew the ends together.

    Finish it off
    Add a pair of gold or silver wings, a pretty headress or crown and now your the Goddess of the Rainbow, Iris.

    (All photos except the first and last were taken by my daughter, I'm still not sure how she managed since she's the one in those photos and I don't think she can work the timer?)

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