Pirate Girl Costume

The 9 year old saw a fancy pirate girl costume in a magazine, it cost around $50. I gave her a $10 limit on costume materials and access to my scrap fabric bin. This is her tutorial:

You'll need:

  • 1 yard of knit skirt fabric (The black velour we had from previous costumes)
  • 1yard of pirate skirt fabric (the scull and crossbows tulle we found at Jo-Ann's)
  • 1/2 yard pirate shirt fabric (found once again at Jo-Ann's on sale)
  • scraps for the hat
  • Optional: eye patch (not pictured), fake dagger, (both found in target party supplies) scrap of fabric for sash, red hair dye
The Skirt
Pick out any color of stretchy knit fabric you would like. About one yard.
Then, cut it into 2 pieces. Smaller at the top, but bigger than your waist. (see photo)

Sew the sides together. Make sure not to sew the top or bottom.
Make a casing at the top for elastic or a belt. (here's easy waistband casing instructions from sewing.org)
Then, take a piratey net fabric, cut the same as the knit skirt and sew up the sides.
Sew the nety fabric to the knit skirt at the waist.
Put elastic or belt in.

The shirt
First pick out stretchy fabric
Wrap it around you and measure how big you need it.
Then you sew it together like a tube.
We took a tank top and used it to measure, then cut out the arms and the neck. Then, we cut the front to a point. (a V-neck)
Sew the shoulder straps together.
Keep trying it on to make sure it's right. (If you use a knit, like t-shirt fabric, it wont fray, so the edges don't need to be finished, which looks just perfect for a pirate)

Do rag/bandana hat
Take a piece of skirt fabric and tie it around your head.

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