No Dolls were Injured in the Making of this Post

I can tell by the piles of laundry left unfolded, the stacks of books not returned to the shelves and the baby dolls abandoned and left to fend for themselves, the craft gift making has begun.

It's true, our yearly Thanksgiving craft gift exchange has us abandoning our usual chores in the hopes of finishing just a little earlier this year.

The supplies have been purchased, a few crafts are well under way, some of us have teamed up to work on bigger joint crafts, all in the hopes that this year we wont be putting the finishing touches on our projects as we walk out the door Thanksgiving morning or worse, showing up with a half completed gift with promises of finishing it later (it's happened)

In our house, we craft all year long and for Christmas we usually make at least a few of the gifts we give. So, because some of our gift giving is handmade anyway, we like to take the time for this exchange to try something new.

This year, we are attempting some body care treats and, if all goes well, a few of those will make their way into the Christmas gifts too. And, unable to sway my daughter to something more predictable, caramels. Yikes! I have scheduled some long overdue posts for the next few days so that we can focus on our crafts and I'll be back after Thanksgiving with photos, details and links to the recipes we're using. Enjoy your week, Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends and happy crafting.

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